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$joinContainer in \IPS\Content\Comment::getItemsWithPerm...

Kevin Carwile

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When setting $joinContainer = TRUE and passing in some $joins that require the container to \IPS\Content\Comment::getItemsWithPermission(), the query fails because the join on the container is added to the END of the incoming $joins instead of to the beginning. It results in the following:


I've reported the bug, the fix, the reason why its a bug, and about 5 different support ticket numbers (those are just ones that I know of) showing the bug in action. I'm really trying to work with you here and be patient. I understand there is a lot going on and things will get fixed in due time.

My frustration is that IPS support technicians continue to get a significant number of incoming tickets because of this bug, incorrectly diagnose it, and refer the client back to me explaining that it is a problem with my app. I'm not even mad at that. It's not a plainly obvious bug. But there is not much I can do about it other than log in to the client site and patch it via FTP since the bug is in core code and not in my app.

What else can I do here to help the client and reduce some of these support tickets being fielded by IPS techs?




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We will look into this through the bug report. As I'm sure you can understand, we can't just make changes without extensively testing them (you've even revised your own suggested fix ;)) and when the issue is only apparent in 3rd party code, that is a little tricky.

If it is frequently causing issues, I would recommend bundling a hook to correct the problem, or adjusting the approach for the time being.

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