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Remove forum name and site name from Title


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The application name and page name is automatically inserted to each page, this in most cases is good or won't hurt SEO.

If you wish to change this you'll need to use the meta tag generator in ACP -> System -> Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Tags.

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Thank you for your reply. As I understand it "ACP -> System -> Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Tags." will only let me make changes for individual pages. Else I cant figure out how to remove forum name and sitename for all pages with this tool.


You are right in most cases it wont hurt directly. But not having them included in the title seems to give an advantage in my experience. Its best to limit the words in the title tag and the length should not be more than 55 chars. 
Why? Because:
1. The title should only contain information about the topic and not unnecessary keywords (which forum name and sitename is in my case) . The content of the title is used in the ranking algorithm, and the more it match the search phrase the better (people probably wont include a specific site or forum name in their search)
2. People are more likely to click on a title in the format "Title of the topic" than "Title of the topic -  some forum name - thesitename.com" because its easier to read and give a better macth af the search term (
of course this depends on what site it is. For this community the sitename in the title will probably be positive towards clicks)
3. After 55 chars google will begin to cut the title anyway, not that it matter anything to SEO.



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For anyone else who wish to do this. Here is what I have come up with so far. Its not pretty, but its what I got :)

Replace the following in globalTemplate

<title>{expression="output.getTitle( $title )"}</title>

With the following if you just want to remove site name:

{{$cleantitle = str_replace( 'IPS Community Suite', '',$title );}}

<title>{expression="output.getTitle( $cleantitle )"}</title>

Or if you want to remove forum name and sitename and blog name..
Warning: This will remove anytning in the title after the first " - " chars in any title. So if a forum title is "This is my title - funny" it will be shortend to "This is my title" So its not perfect but I belive its still better

{{if array_intersect(array('forums', 'blogs'), $location )}}  
{{$title = substr($title, 0, strpos($title, " - "));}}
<title>{expression="output.getTitle( $title )"}</title>

Anyone with a better solution is welcome...

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