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Hi @DawPi thanks for updating the plugin. It is now showing back again. However, we are having an issue with diacritic characters, which are automatically replaced by their HTML equivalent.

For example, if we enter the word "placa-mãe" in the search box, Google tries to search for "placa-m&aatilde;e" instead, so the search doesn't work as expected (wrong/few results). See screenshot.

For this reason, we have the plugin temporarily disable until we figure this out.



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Could it have to do with the fact that my site is https?  For example, I had issues with my article site's search engine that I just had to fix. The fix was simple:

1) download https://www.google.com/afsonline/show_afs_search.js, put it to module folder, change all "http:" entries to "https:" in it.
2) modify the line that calls the script to be the local path, for example /forum/show_afs_search.js

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2 minutes ago, DawPi said:

Could anyone tell me what doesn't work exactly what I did in this mod? :)

It's showing results from a google search engine correctly. In few words, guys honestly, what doesn't work? With screenshots.

Thanks. :)

If you click through the images in this topic it is rather self explained I hope.. He is searching for Snøsag (snowsaw)



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