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We've been long time users of IP.Board, since 2.x or perhaps even earlier.  While we are very happy with the forums software as a whole, there is one somewhat frustrating limitation with URL links.

Our software uses a custom URL moniker, 'accord://'.  If one sees a link in a website or e-mail, they are able to click on the link (such as accord://read/daily/) and go to our software, performing the requested tasks.  This works everywhere online except the forums.  We are currently using 3.x, but I've tested the feature in the test forum here and it also does not work.  See for yourself: accord://read/daily/

While it looks like the link should work, it does nothing.  Can you please fix this filtering, so custom prefixes are supported, instead of just the standard set of protocols (http, https, ftp)?  On ip.board 3.x, while I can create a link using the <other> prefix, it still is not clickable.

If this is actually available as a forums setting, please let me know.  Thanks!

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