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Wondering request to reopen bug proper etiquette?


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If a bug is marked closed (not a bug), or fixed, and it is a bug, or not fixed, what is the best action to have it reopened?

I've tried replying. I've also tried replying with a mention. But they go unnoticed and are often archived.

I always thought that was the proper way but it does not work. Should we start a new report and link to it?

How a bout a "Petition to reopen" function with proof, we post the proof and it gets marked Pending again, but is in moderation for you to decide the status... or similar.


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Generally replying is the normal first course of action I'd suggest.

Is it easily reproducible ? If so a quick ticket in the Client Area (with 'steps to produce it) along with a link to said report might be an idea.

Other alternative is a fresh bug report but include a link to the old one as well.



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I don't have permission to view that link, and I was more just wondering the protocol, but there's a few where this happened, here's one marked Closed a month ago and proof posted but no reply...


This one, I replied Thursday so not that long ago yet, but in my experience replying doesn't always work once marked fixed, I'll keep an eye on, thanks.

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