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Victor Fedorenko

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When I Submit a file to my "Downloads" of the bottom have Version number: 1.0.0 and it's show after the title. When i remove it manual in submit form not show on the title, but will be much better if i remove it permanently. Anybody can navigate me how to remove it? I try to find it in admin panel / Template edit / download / submit form file, but I didn't find it there.... Thanks to any which try to help me.


And second thing when i edit description its shown another copy page which mean new version of file... Want to fix that too...

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I know not much help but appears that it is called using this code in admincp >> customizations >> theme >> far right of theme name click the edit html/css button >> templates tab >> downloads >> submit >> submit form

		<ul class='ipsForm ipsForm_vertical'>
			{{foreach $form->elements as $collection}}
				{{foreach $collection as $fieldName => $input}}
					{{if !in_array( $fieldName, $nonInfoFields )}}

Trouble is that that is used by all the page so cannot see any way to isolate the area you require

Likely need to add some code to that so not to display the file version, if so then that is beyond my expertise

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