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suhosin... or suphp?


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After looking around for a host I think I have found one.

After speaking to the sales team, I asked them to check the requirments of IPB with their requirements. 

He assured me all was well except for the fact they do not run on Suhosin but they on fact run on suphp.


I am not a technical expert by no means. Will this affect my ability to have a 4.1 IPB forum uploaded or not?



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Suhosin and suphp are two very different things.

Suhosin claims to be a security enhancement, but is frankly a pain to deal with, and often interferes with normal operation.

However, suphp is a normal setup for many hosts. We use it too. The only thing to be aware of is that the file and folder permissions must be specifically set to 644 (files) or 755 (folders), as Ahmed noted.

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