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Can IPB 4.1.x supports to 2 forum URL ?


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1. For business reasons (eg mergers), it is sometimes required to have 2 URLs pointing to the SAME forum.
eg http://www.xyz.com/forum  and http://www.abcdef.com/forum2. Can this be done at all ?

2. My DNS points www.xyz.com and www.abcdef.com to the same IP

Now conf_global.php  $INFO['board_url']  = http://www.abc.com/forum 
But I cannot find a place to put the 2nd URL

Thank you.


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This worked for me on my test install:

'base_url' => 'https://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/IPB',

My install is in a directory called IPB, so you'll just need to adjust the code accordingly.

That said, Google will penalize you for duplicate content if you point both domains to the same content. Your best bet is to choose one of the domains to be primary, then use cPanel to redirect your secondary domain name to the primary domain name.

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That method also violates our license terms, just so you're aware.

As was noted, only one URL can be used, and the proper method to do this would be to create a "domain forwarder" at the Registrar, pointing abc.com to xyz.com. Visitors will have the URL rewritten from abc.com to xyz.com when they try to visit abc.com.

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