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Not showing Chat history upon joining the Chat room

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I run IPB4 (latest version) and want to show chat room history to new people joining the chat.

I thought settings allowed this (see screenshot). But when someone logs in, no recent (previous) chat posts are shown. If I log out/in myself (as an admin), I also come to an "empty" chat room.

Please advice/comment, should it not be possible to keep previous chat messages for some time and let newcomers to see previous messages?

Skärmavbild 2015-11-25 kl. 11.26.02.png

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2 hours ago, Stefan Johansson_72643 said:

Actually - I got a reply: one needs to set the "history" option to inactive to have that feature active. I tried and it works. But in the next update, this should be fixed (so you need to change settings  again)

Thanks. I'm not sure how such a mistake can made but yeah, the workaround - to disable the option for enabling it - works :)

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