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Blocks keep resetting


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I'm using the latest version of invision and when I add blocks such as latest threads on the forums home it resets after a day or so and removes itself.  Has this happened to anyone else.  It's annoying.  I removed admits temporarily to see if they were doing it but even when I was the only admin after a day or two the latest posts would disappear abd I'd have to add it again.  

Many thanks.  

Ps it's not just the latest posts,  I is anything,  so I could have gallery images on the side bar on the forum home and they would disappear.  

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I have an issue with one block from a third party app. It is correctly positioned and configured, but only appears randomly - sometimes it's there, more often it simply isn't visible. The app developer is sure the problem isn't with the block. No idea what is going on or how to fix it.

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