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I own multiple domain names, where to list them in metadata?


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You can 301 redirect them to you main domain, you'd do that individually using htaccess if on Linux. You don't add them in invision anyware, and the seo benefits are basically none. Meta keywords are also dead, even more dead is manipulating them. I would seriously re evaluate your seo strategy, it seems a bit 1999.

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I already have all of my domains redirected/forwarded as a 301 (permanent) to may main domain in my domain manager through my registrar, godaddy. 

But I was hoping to use their names to my SEO ability.  I didn't realize that keywords in meta data are no longer used. 

Why does Invision still have a place for them inside of ACP>SEO>Meta tags as Admon has suggested?

I guess it can't hurt to add the key words to that area inside of the ACP could it?

I would want to separate the keywords just by a comma still right?

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12 hours ago, Admonstrator said:


You can edit the meta tags within the ACP -> Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Tags

So looking into this section, it seems it brings up a Live Meta Tag Editor, or allows you to add Meta tags.

Can anyone explain the differences between these two sections and how to use the Lie Meta Tag Editor?

I see all of the og:site_name, oglocale, og:type etc and I don't know how to proceed or how to add edit anything.  i don't want to mess it up.

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