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Accept followers permission

Steven White_240231

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Not sure if this has been asked already. i looked through the forums a few pages back and seen nothing, as well as search.

Is there a setting somewhere to allow members to accept who follows them? I know in 3.4 there was an option to accept friends but that went away with 4.0. Just wondering if there is some sort of permission that can be set to give users the option to accept followers with the option to request following someone.



These are the only two options I see so far.


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On 11/21/2015, 1:57:07, Admonstrator said:

The new "follow" feature isn't some kind of "be friends" - it's just following like on twitter. I don't know any permission which would help you in that case.

okay thanks, since updating my community members have been upset b/c they can't control it. They will just need to get over it i guess.

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