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Disable attachment upload within gallery description


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Hi there,
some of you will know that you can upload images into your gallery description by using the editor.
In my community it often happens that somebody upload all pictures into the description not into the gallery. (I think it's because the uploader thinks "Oh, hell yeah, here I can upload stuff. This should be the right place for my pictures ... because I'm in the gallery-section)

Is there a way to disable file-uploads within the description of the gallery?


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This is an issue I brought up with using the editor with databases as well. in 3.4 they had attachments as a separate field:

And Gallery was mentioned as well in that post. Definitely an issue. We need to be able to disable attachments in the editor for Pages and Gallery.

On 9/2/2015, 11:11:55, Joel R said:

So, I came across the same exact problem but in IP.Gallery.  

One of my members decided to upload 50 photos into the album.  Which is great.  

But in his enthusiasm, he also uploaded all 50 photos into the album description's editor!  Which is ... not so great.  

And then ... he did this 3 times before I had a chance to message him to explain what he was doing wrong.  


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