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2 minutes ago, Lucas James said:

Haven't updated to 4.4 yet. Just trying to make sure that the plugin is 4.4 compatible prior I do the IPS upgrade.

The main change in widgets between 4.3 and 4.4



Widget display settings
One of the most popular features we've added to the front end in recent times is the drag and drop widgets.

We see these used on almost every site we visit.

A popular request, though, was to be able to hide them from specific devices. By default, the sidebars appear under the main content when viewed on a smaller device such as a phone.

There may be times where you wish to show a block for those on tablets and desktops, but remove it for phones, so it doesn't take up precious retail space.

Happily, you can now do this on each block with 4.4.

I'll add this in next release

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I love this plug-in.   It does exactly what I need it to do.

My site has 14 banners that  "CASCADE":  4 across for desktop and 2 across for mobile

Recently, it started doing something it's never done before.

Each time the banners cascade, the screen ... below the widget  ... gets pushed down one line.

The problem persists no matter which combination of AMOUNT OF ADS TO SHOW,  SPEED, DELAY  .. and other settings ... are used.

The problem happens on any/every page that contains the widget.

The closest thing to a "solution" is to set the SPEED and/or  DELAY to 10,000 +    This just slows down the "downward creep".

Is this something you're aware of .. or .. am I the first person to mention this?

Thanx for a great tool and support



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