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newbie LAC

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8 hours ago, newbie LAC said:


What do you mean? Please clarify. My plugin hasn't "ad box".

Hi, Thank you for your respond. In attachment you can see on which area in admin panel I am referring. Issue Before I was able to manage blocks, which means that I was able to edit them, delete them clicking on X on top right corner, or drag and drop them. With new IPB theme I lost that funcionalities and basicly, I can't make any changes. So I am not able to change box settings clicking on box, or to change box location. Also, banners looks a bit messed up, what before wasn't the case. You can check forum on http://www.svijetkladjenja.com/forum/


Thank you


2018-05-23 13_12_59-Advertisements.png

2018-05-23 13_16_36-Svijet Kladjenja Forum.png

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8 hours ago, Goxy said:

In attachment you can see on which area in admin panel I am referring.

My plugin does nothing in that area.

You have js errors which can affect to other things. This is due to the fact that you are using an outdated widget template.

You have commented 

<!-- <span class='ipsCarousel_shadow ipsCarousel_shadowLeft'></span>
			<span class='ipsCarousel_shadow ipsCarousel_shadowRight'></span> -->

Revert changes.

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I bought this plug-in because I saw it in the code of this site's featured topics on their homepage.


Not the banners at top, the 3 posts under titled "INDI / AGENCY ADS"

Thought the app would stream forum posts. Am I missing something. Please advise. Thanks!


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I am trying to do something with profiles this website is doing with the system profiles.

You helped me find a plugin beofor i didnt know about, wondering if you know about this?

I think they are using something called super profiles, can you tell?

To see the super profiles go here




Once you enter if you click create account, those are the features i want to use to set  up accounts see?

Please advise,



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3 minutes ago, newbie LAC said:

I need a link on that page and acp access

Ok we are about to launch today, not sure what you might change. But i'll wait a few days and get back to you, as it does work where i put it. What broke I don't know, but I am afraid you troubleshoot, and something for my launch will break..

Thanks, get back to you soon


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