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(NB41) Ads Widget

newbie LAC

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Just now, thenorfolkbroads.net said:

For the moment, we've got it in the header with a carousel advertising some of our forum merchandise but it seems people can only click on the adverts if they are logged in - If logged out, users will get an error message.

Is this a setting we've missed?


Show me settings one of adverts. ACP - Advertisements

Just now, Michael R said:

I posted too soon. It took a while for it to show up. Its all good. Thanks!



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Just now, thenorfolkbroads.net said:

What do you think is the problem?

It's a cache.

Currently you can open plugins/nb41adswidget/widgets/nbAdsWidget.php


class _nbAdsWidget extends \IPS\Widget\PermissionCache

change to 

class _nbAdsWidget extends \IPS\Widget


Just now, thenorfolkbroads.net said:

I agree about having multiple instances of the widget, this would be very useful for us.

Will be added in next version.

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On 15.1.2016 at 2:05 AM, ACEForums said:

I am having difficulty in getting the adverts to appear on mobiles. Computers and tablets are working fine.

The widget appears on smart phones in the correct spot but the only thing that appears to the name of the block. 

I have the same issue on my board. I have the widget in the sidebar and when altering width of the forum to smaller width - the ads are gone. Only the name left.

Do you have a fix for that?

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Just now, Maxim Bondar said:

Hello! Could you add modification to show advertisement only on some forums?


Show widget if it located on selected forum(s)? Provide more information.


You mean this?

I think it should be a separate plugin

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11 hours ago, Maxim Bondar said:

Yes, i mean per forum. Anyway thanks.

Not for this plugin. Please write here how it will be work because ads have several locations (header, after 1 topic etc).


1 hour ago, Joey_M said:

Great update @newbie LAC, thank you for your hard work with providing such great support and the quality plugin.

You are welcome!

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