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Stream title to newest/unread for content items only please


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Streams are different than forums, they are activity streams for discovery so please take us to that activity with a title click.

1. In "Content items only" please take us to the newest post and list the latest action under it (see image, some do some don't). The dot/star mentality works on the forum as that is a place for indexed content but the stream is where we go for the newest activity, and the title should take us there. In topics under the title it says "___ replied" and shows repliers image but it goes to the start!!??

2. With an Unread setting you are still brought to the start (already read!). This should go to newest, or ideally, to the first unread. When you select the Unread setting you expect the title to take you there, why would unread go to read??!!

3. There are also conflicts with the icons on the right depending on the content type and going to the latest comment. Just like the dot/star these should be consistent or members will never know what they do.

4. There are also conflicts with the action listed.

So in addition to my suggestions please see these conflicts, thanks.



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I agree.
There's no point on clicking "show unread content" then clicking the item title getting the first post instead of the first unread. I had to tell every user of my forum to click the "small circle" to do what seems the most logical action

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