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Just a shout out to IPS

Peter Parker

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I know most of the stuff that gets posted here is complaints or desires for something better. This post will contain none of that.

I've been with ipb since 2012. I've had my share of desires for a better product, mostly wanting it to be fully responsive. I tried different hooks, and themes, but they all were terrible at making the board responsive. Gimmicky wastes of hard earned money is what they were. I was frustrated obviously.

I was very impressed with the release of IPB4. It really satisfied my need for a responsive board. I just upgraded today to 4.1 and man this is great. I can't ask for anything more really. 

Great work guys. I hung in there for a year or two waiting on IPB4 and this new release really made me happy that I did.

Keep up the great work!!

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