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Set which profile fields are displayed in Forum?

Shawn Tierney

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Good morning community,

This one has me confused - I have several custom profile fields, some from my import and some I've created in the ACP.

However, I can't seem to figure out how to set which fields show up in the forum posts / topics in the mini profile / post bit under the users avatar?

None of the four settings I see in v4.1.x in the profile fields address this:

- Allow member to see and edit?
- Show on registration page?
- Can be edited in the user control panel?
- Show publicly on member's profile?

Even if two fields have all the same settings, some show and some don't?

It's almost as if there is a fifth setting somewhere, "show in forum mini profile," but I can't find it :-( :-( :-(

Thanks in advance for any help!!!


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Here is where the code is located to display custom profile fields within your theme editor. The section you are referring to is known as the 'postContainer'


If you wanted to add in custom ones that cannot be edited or visible to the user, that is the place to start. Unfortunately I cannot help you in writing the code but maybe someone else can.

An example of a custom postcontainer if you look in that screenshot is the section that says  '<!-- Adds Donation icon above user avatar if user has donated-->


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