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Don't show completed reports in main overview


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When receiving at least 25 reports a day, it's very frustrating that the default view when viewing the report center view is to show all reports. Including completed ones.

Could we please have a filter that limits to "Under review" and "New report" and also uses this filter as the default when loading the report center. The same way it's done when you click the report center notification icon on desktop. 

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Was there ever a setting added for this?

My moderators are asking if the notification badge for reports can reflect unread reports, vs unclosed reports. I told them to turn off the notification setting for "A report is posted" in the notification settings page for now, but that's not a great solution.

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My staff uses Reports extensively to discuss "problem" posts. A discussion thread might last weeks.

We just upgraded to 4.x. Showing the completed reports mixed in is confusing my moderators.

The filter cannot be set as a preference. One wonders exactly what scenario was used in designing the user experience. Occasional use? Quick decisions? Why would anyone want to see all the reports in one basket?

The Reports interface in 3.x was very basic, but the UX was far, far better. The open reports were on one tab, looking at closed reports took another click -- which is how it should be.

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