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Black ops 3 (4.1 version) Support topic

Mark Round

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Nice skin but I got two problems:

1. I can`t install "elite" properly and got this


Unfortunately I still have no Shoutbox app.

So when I choose this theme I got this


2. I can`t do anything with slider cause "theme_custom_tab_image links for slider" does nothing.


And the last one) How can I change post text color? I think it`s too pale.

Thanks and best regards,



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Thanks for update!

There are still some issues. 

  1. I still "should" install Shotbox app.
  2. Background pictures does not fit to frame and looks like that


And in the middle of the first slider picture you can see an empty box (I turned off "Headline 1 Active" and erase every Caption).

3. Looks like logo dissapears in some time. 

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I really like this skin but I do have a couple of requests.

  1. The font color is making it very difficult to see the menus in the ACP so I need to know where to go to change the colors or maybe this is something that you have to do?
  2. Where do I look to make the forum wider?
  3. Can the back ground be set to static so that it doesnt scroll with the rest of the site?

The site that it is being used on is mappersunited2.com

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I will update the file to fix the font color in acp.The forum width and slider width are controlled by css in the custom css file.As for the fixed background i can add another version with those settings as it seems that is the more popular choice.Im having some issues with my host today so once that is resolved il get this done.Hopefully it shouldnt take too long.If you need any assistance applying the changes shoot me a pm and il help you out.

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On a side note @MU-Ray   the acp theme can be selected by using the drop down in the acp to the default theme.This will not alter the theme when viewing the actual site,it will just affect the way you see the acp. I didnt realise until today that the css styling for the site affects acp as well as the site so i will try to tweak this for a future update.

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Im pretty sure that I have the newest update download and installed.  I just dont see how to accomplish a few things though.

I can adjust the board width from inside custom css.  I think this was suppose to be done differently now?  I can see "Theme width settings" and I have theme width settings active checked off and theme width  (in pixels) set at 1800.  All of this does nothing that I can see.  custom css is the only thing giving me results.

Next item is I have upload a new background image into "manage resources" and I can see it there.  I am sure that I selected the proper settings.  What I dont know is where to change anything to select and test the new bg that I want to use.

Shoutbox works just fine in it.



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The width setting i will have to test myself if you can give me access just so i can see how you have it set up (send me a pm). As for the backgrounds,if you are simply wanting to change one of the pre configured backgrounds that i provided,go into manage resources and find the existing ones which all start with bg so type it into the search bar and they will pop right up.Use the edit tool and upload a new one making sure to have the keep existing attachment name intact node checked! otherwise you will have to reference the new name in the css and templates (which is very messy) I have thought about adding a setting for this in acp to nominate a new image for each selection in the bg chooser.

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I have to say that Mark has blown me away with his support!!  He quickly addressed my concerns and all issues have been completely resolved.  I would not hesitate to buy another theme from him and I look forward to what he has coming in the future!!

Thanks Mark for all the help!!



If anyone wants to see the site (a work in progress atm) it is at mappersunited2.com

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