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Pages scrambled with attachments after 4.x


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Wondering if anyone else had similar problem. I moved from vB4 to IPB. Done everything pretty well, going through all the tips, trick and manual. 

First I moved to IPB 3.x and performed conversions. Everything was well, pages worked as should, no issues.
After going with upgrade to IPB 4.x pages got messed up. I still don't quite get how the Pages works under the hood and thus don't have a clue what should I be looking to try to fix this.

I've asked support for this and I this reply:


This is because these are custom blocks that were preserved from IP.Board 3.x. Unfortunately, while we make every attempt to try and preserve blocks as they stand, due to the nature of Block HTML in 3.x, it is impossible to automatically update the HTML for these blocks to be compatible with IPS 4.1.


As such, manual intervention is necessary here to restructure or re-create the Latest Articles, and other, blocks that are used by pages in the Pages application.

Although I can understand this, I can't get past my frustration of not even knowing how to get to solving this problem.
Attached is a screenshot of the situation. Thanks!

Screenshot 2015-11-09 01.38.40.png

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What result do you want or how did it look before? It’s impossible to help you without knowing that. 

As far as I can see you are basically having the simple list view there. This is meant to show just the basic information like record title and activity like comments, views and things like that. Adding other fields there (images, videos …) will mess up the output. This happens not just because of the upgrade. It will also happen on a fresh install. I would recommend to either deactivate all those additional fields for listing views, which can be done in the settings for each individual database field. Or you need to manually code the block template to have it output things like images in a specific way you set up yourself. 

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