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Ok, here is one of my first actual questions on howto. I normally nut these out myself, but this one has me stumped.

When making a se submissions using the Pages addon, there is an option to post to a forum, however there is no option to take someone to that forum after the post is made.

What I am doing is using the pages for the form, keeping the page submissions not viewable, instead having them viewable in the forum, where there are better viewing rules. Once someone submits a form though. What I would like is the ability to redirect them to the forum post of the form. To be honest I am surprised that this is not already an option.


The main reason for me doing the above is that the permissions setup in Pages is insufficient. I want the ability to restrict submissions made to be viewable by the person making the submissions and the admin only, something the forum can do, by Pages cannot.

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