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Custom.css open by default


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After doing one fresh ips4 install, one conversion from 3.4.x, and preparing a third for conversion from 3.4.x, I find I would welcome the following features in the ACP:

  • I would rather that custom.css open by default when clicking into a theme to edit it. Global template is rarely the reason I'm into a theme to edit. (Admittedly I'm not a theme developer just a user trying to tweak defaults a bit in an upgrade-friendly way.)  Or both would be fine. 
  • A one-click shortcut to recache the site (equivalent to Support → something isn't working) perhaps in the header right next to the Site link.
  • And a hearty +11 to a previous request that block template editing have a Save and Reload option.  Maybe even a Save, Recache, and Reload option for those stubborn plugin blocks that seem to recache on their own schedule.

These would be a couple of would-be-nices from my perspective :) 

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