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After the upgrade from 4.0.x to -  I (and several users) can no longer upload photos. The error is something like "There was a problem uploading this file" - no other info. 

There are no php or forum limits that should prevent this - as uploads are possible from a desktop and uploads from the iPhone were possible before the upgrade.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Or can anyone else check and see if they are experiencing this problem?


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I have some info that maybe some of you can check and help with this issue. I have solved the problem, and can now upload photos from my iPhone. I'm unsure if other users can now as well. But here is what I did.

With the help of my web host identifying errors on his end --- in config_global, I increased ini_set('memory_limit', '128M’); to ini_set('memory_limit', '140M’); and the problem immediately went away for me
- a theory based on some other things the web host observed, and experiences I previously had with uploading iPhone photos.
Portrait iPhone photos (loaded directly from phone) would always loaded “sideways” before the recent upgrades. A real pain for users. Apparently the new software attempts to recognize iPhone portrait photos and rotate them properly. This is requiring more memory, and that is the memory error the web host was seeing on his end - a request for more memory that was “unavailable” despite how we allocated more elsewhere.
Does this make sense? And does this help anyone else. And, what do most people have this set to --- ini_set('memory_limit', '128M’)
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4 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Well, that setting isn't in a default config_global so a default install will use what the PHP setting is for the memory_limit. As IPS4.x requires it to be 128M at least I would expect most to have it set as 128.

Interesting - as Invision did the original installation 6+ years ago, and every upgrade since - including up to 4.0

I did the upgrade to 4.1 but the backup I did of config.global before doing so had that line in there. At any rate, 128 did not work for portrait photos uploaded from my iPhone. But started working immediately after the change. 

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For anyone who wants the definitive answer/solution - finally from a support ticket.

 the actual problem here is something we are currently aware of. The problem being, the GD Image Library in use in PHP is actually very memory intensive - especially when re-orienting a large image (I only have an iPhone 6 - not the 6 Plus, so I'm not sure if that one takes "larger" images than mine). There are a few options here:

  • You can increase the memory limit which will work around the problem. Not ideal, however it does help.
  • If your site is very image oriented, then I would look into installing the ImageMagick library - ImageMagick is not prone to the memory issues like GD is, as it processes images at the operating system level: https://remoteservic...?version=101016


As mentioned, based on the information provided, we are aware of this, and are discussing ways to combat this. Unfortunately, due to PHP's nature, handling things like memory exhaustion errors isn't a very straight-forward process (in most instances, you don't actually know it's going to hit the limit until it finally does - there are memory reporting functions that we can use, but then the problem becomes "what to do when we near the limit").


Further to that, your assessment is correct - IP.Board 3.x did not attempt to automatically re-orient images that were uploaded (with exception to IP.Gallery). IPS4 now does it globally.

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