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Secondary Group Icons

Tom Irons

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On 11/17/2015, 2:35:52, Fatal Resort said:

Anyway you can solve the problem stated above? =/


On 11/17/2015, 3:08:23, Hulu said:

I'm trying to figure out another way for it to work.


12 hours ago, Hulu said:

Not yet unfortunately.


This is working:


{{$joinDate = $comment->author()->joined;}}

Documentation: click HERE.



Best regards


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1 minute ago, Fatal Resort said:

kind of suck when it comes to things like this >.> how exactly would I apply that? or is that a possible solution to the problem for the author? xD


ACP -> Customization -> Themes -> Edit HTML and CSS -> Templates -> forums -> topic -> postContainer -> make a new div class/id and put this above it.

Remember it's a PHP function.

You will need to add something like: <div class = "joinDate" id = "joinDate">Joined: {$joinedDate}</div>



I pm'ed you my Skype.

I will be online in a bit.


Best regards


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Using a Villian 4.1 from IPSFocus.   I do not get the secondary group icons and when I have this enabled, some of the forums posts are no longer available.  "I get Sorry, there is a problem

Something went wrong. Please try again.

Error code: EX0"


I disable the plugin and the posts are there again. Turn the plugin back on and get the error again.

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