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I am trying to embed external websites into the IPB4 frame (so the menu should stay there, but instead of the boards, it should show the external site), so that I can use the menu system to create a complete website with more than just a forum.

iframe doesn't really work these days anymore (often blocked by browsers it seems), so how can I do that properly?

There doesn't seemt to be a block that allows external embedding.

Thanks in advance!

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An alternative way - which is how I've done my site - is to create your external website as a standalone but which mirrors (as much as you want it to) the look of IPB4.

I know for certain - because I've done it - that you can create identically-looking menus with Likno's AllWebMenus (AWM).

For a desktop layout, AWM can create something 100% identical to the menu look and structure - tho creating the IPB user menu (with login details, etc) has to be done outside of AWM's (tho that part is outside of the IPB menus anyway).

For a mobile layout, you can't put the IPB account parts inside the mobile menu (because it won't support dynamic content in the responsive design while keeping all the menu functionality, unfortunately), tho I added some bits for that as permanent links to the IPB part of my site on the left of the blue bar that goes across the top of the mobile page.

So it ends up being not 100% identical, but plenty good enough and consistent enough so that people are unlikely to realise that it's something different.

If you'd like to see the finished result, PM me for the URL to my site (I'd rather not go public with it here). I'll even be happy to give you my site template/CSS and the AWM's file if you'd like it, to save you the trouble of doing a lot of the work (tho you'd have to change a little of the desktop formatting, because i've amended the IPB menu's formatting too).

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