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Working with the advertising system in Commerce, I've noticed a few thing which I would love to see in a future version.

1.  Fixed Dimensions for Ads Option.  Right now I can enter a banner ad dimension but not make the dimension fixed to the exact size I want.  So, if I put in the max dimension of 720x90 and they upload a 500x500 it's going to stretch that ad.  Even worse, when the customer is checking out it doesn't show a preview of what the ad is going to look like stretched.  I'm sure if the client saw what the image what going to look like stretched, they'd upload the correct dimensions.  Having the ability to set the dimension as fixed would allow me to force the client to upload the correct size.

2.  Showing the Clicks and Impressions for a Ads in Store.  If I setup the advertisement as an impression or a click based ad, shouldn't those amounts show up in the store when the customer checks out?  I realize I can put it in the description of the ad, but I would figure that it would show up under the price as "50,000 impressions" or "200 clicks".  Basically what the person is buying - if not that number I love to see #3.

3.  Showing CPM or CPC.  Is it possible to have the CPM or CPC calculated and showing in the product details when selling impression or click based ads?  Most of the time the advertisers want to see the CPM / CPC number instead of $XXX amount for XXX number of clicks or impressions.  CPM and CPC are terms because they're used by just about everyone in the industry to determine the price of an ad.  To my advertisers, the CPC or CPM are the numbers they care about.  Once knowing that number they can determine how many impressions or clicks they want to purchase.  I don't want my customers to have to do too much math figuring out the CPM / CPC.

Ideally I'd love to see:


After First Topic Advertising

5 in stock / $4.00 CPM / 5000 Impressions

This is a test description of the ad system using impressions.


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