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Can't change themes after update to 4.1


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Okay, I updated from 4.0.13 to the latest 4.1 to see if things got better, but I'm running into issues with themes.

The update wasn't really user friendly - I had multiple themes before where I only changed the colors, but I had to REVERT to the default one as I would've gotten an error message otherwise all the time. Why the update couldn't keep my colors and update the rest of the theme files is beyond my understanding, but okay...

Well, I recreated all the themes - but now they can't be chosen in the forum anymore.
I made sure the permissions are set to "All", and when I choose the default theme, it also works fine.

But users cannot change the theme in the frontend. The themes are listed, but as soon as you choose one, it just reloads the boards, keeping the default theme,

How can I fix that?

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