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Validating members is tedious

Michael R

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We do not approve every validation on our site. But we get a lot of registrations. I would like to be able to select multiple members for deletion or approval. It seems this was much easier on 3.4.

Also, please give us more control over members in Validation status. I do not want members not yet approved to have the same permissions as "newbies". It would also be nice if I could bulk mail validating members.

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Adding to my list here...

I don't want Validating members to have the ability to upload photos. We don't approve anyone who registers on our site. They should not be allowed to start modifying their profile until they are approved. I don't even want other members to SEE these members until they are approved.

Honestly, I am not sure why Validating just didn't stay as its own group like before. Seems like there was a lot more control before.

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