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Spam Service - Please make available by linking it to Core instead of Forums

The Old Man

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Is there any decision yet on making IPS Spam Service available to customers who don't need Forums by making it a free service linked to Core instead of Forums?

I didn't renew Forums for of my sites because I just couldn't get anyone posting so keeping just Pages and Gallery going which are fine in this instance, but wasn't informed in the Client Centre that I would lose the anti-Spam Service if I deactivated Forums.

Was told in a support ticket that it would be brought up internally. It's supposed to be a benefit for licence holders but now it's all focuses around Core, it should be linked to Core and not reliant on any specific add-on app?

Many thanks.

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  • Management

It is now technically tied to the core -- you do not have to have the Forums app. The only requirement is your renewals meet or exceed $25 -- if you're renewing Pages and Gallery - you should meet that threshold. If spam isn't working, please reopen your ticket and ask for it to be escalated and we'll take a look. 

I'm sorry for the confusion - I'll make sure everyone internally is aware of this relatively new change. 

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