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Problems with installing plugins, themes, translations, etc...

Ellion Brek

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I made a ticket about that and didn't get any anwser on 2 days of wait, so im trying the forum now to know if someone can help me with that. Thanks in advance.


I cant install things on my forum. Themes, translations, plugins... I cant even edit the colors on my default theme, because i will get an error when i try to save it.


If i try to edit my theme i get this error:
EX0 Something went wrong. Please try again.


If i try to install an translation i get this error:
3C126/6 Something went wrong. Please try again.


If i try to install a plugin i get this error:
3C145/3 Something went wrong. Please try again.


This isnt a new thing on my forum. To tell you the truth this happen since i upgraded to 4.0, but i thought that it could vanish with some update. But till now i have this and i dont want to wait anymore.



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1 minute ago, Admonstrator said:

Any information within the system check? (Support → upper right button (something like "Check system")

When i do a system check, everything is fine.

But when i go to Suport and click on "Something isn't working correctly" to see if it finds something it show this error:

ALTER TABLE `core_sys_social_group_members` CHANGE COLUMN `group_id` `group_id` BIGINT (20) UNSIGNED NULL COMMENT '';

I click on "Fix it Automatically" button and it says its fixed. But when i try to do the same search with: "Something isn't working correctly". I get the same error. Already tried to repair and optimize my table with phpAdmin, but this error persists.

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