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How to create URL profile field?


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i want to create a custom url profile field and to display the input as a custom text

For example when they put their steam profile link i simply want the filed to show like this on forum topics at user info panel

Steam Profile


i have tried like this but it doesnt work

 <a href="{content}">Steam Profile</a>

if i do that the link shows like this when u open



it adds this <wbr> which i dont know why :/

i have selected TEXT as the field type i also tried URL type but still doesn't work

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no need for mods and u dont need to pay to do this simple edits at all im pretty sure this is too easy to do if someone reply with good knowledge of html 

this code should work <a href="{content}">Steam Profile</a> it should show a text instead of a link but im unsure why it adds <wbr> when we click on it :ike: Eg: http:/steamcommuni<wbr>ty.com/profiles/7656<wbr>76561198143733797/


i already have another profile filed that makes a username to be linked to battlelog.com profiles 

for example 

<strong>{title}</strong> <a href="http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/{content}/">{content}></a>

it adds the name they put to the end of this link http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/ and at topic profiles it shows a username linked to battlelog 

i also tried to make it to show a image and linked instead of a text for example 

<strong>{title}</strong> <a href="http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/{content}/"><img src="image.png"></a>

everything works perfect i just dont know why hyperlink element doesnt work


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but as i have mentioned that hyperlink works fine just not the simple link text 

this should work without problems <a href="{content}">text></a> why add a <wbr> tag to the link? i dont know so it must be a bug, i have created a ticket since yesterday still no answers :/  

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