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I can't seem to get a bunch of the sidebar widgets to display. Like popular now, announcements, etc. It states that they might need to be configured. How or where do I configure them?

Also, with widgets like "status updates" etc... there is no way to prevent non-members from seeing them other then a skin hack? Is that right? Was hoping this was a setting in 4...


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2 hours ago, Jim M said:

Click the edit button while having the Block Manager open ;) 

Yes. Figured that :p ...LOL.

Problem was nothing was happening after I did that. I found that those things aren't updated instantly so I waited 5 mins or so and then it worked. 

Announcements cool. That worked and I found it's also under the "create" button.

Thanks! Oh, I assume this means the rest are a skin hack still? :( Seems so weird they aren't added into the permission sets. If private forums don't want the posts etc showing then they wouldn't want the status updates showing I would imagine. At least I don't.

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