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img alt attribute

Ilya Hoilik

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I agree with this and would also like to see some padding options applied - this can be done manually, but it's a long winded way of executing the parameter having to go into source and adding it manually.

I also believe there is a bug (possibly, it might just be me) but the float is not always applied when choosing alignment and also has to be manually applied.

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ALT functionality should be built in to the core, not exposed via plugin. It is essential to accessibility, and to do anything less and require IPS users to jump through any hoops to allow easy editing of ALT tags is kinda-sorta slapping users with disabilities in the face, as it will no doubt reduce accurate ALT tags in IPS-generated content.

The ALT tag is required as of HTML5, but it's also required that the content be meaningful. The current IPS implementation just dumps the filename into the ALT tag, which is NOT meaningful and which wouldn't REALLY pass the intent of the HTML5 validation.

This should really be logged as a bug; the implementation is not acceptable. This isn't a matter of subjective opinion.

I'll log it as a bug and see what happens.


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We're not opposed and will consider it. 

That said, I think you're likely overestimating how useful this will actually be, unless, as an admin/moderator, you intend on editing all images manually. Expecting users to do it will likely leave you disappointed. 

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