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Status Features and Upgrades

eden buganim

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Plugin Features:

  • Front page status updates are displayed as HTML instead of plain text.
  • Status updates are truncated (but remain extendable) in order to prevent any height distortion of the page.
  • Fully-supported Reputation feature for front page status updates and replies.
  • View replies or reply on status updates directly from the front page.
  • Both view of status replies and replying on status updates are ajax supported.
  • Front page status replies (and comment area) are loaded onto a popup hovercard, so as to not extend the height of the Status Feed.
    The content of any status reply is only loaded upon a user request; this prevents the extra loading time of the front-page.
  • Ajax-based, on-the-spot, edit functionality for BOTH status updates and status replies. This is supported on front page AS WELL as the actual user profile page.
  • An extended status update toolbar for the front page view.
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1 hour ago, 9xx said:


It looks nice, but for me does not work :( IPS After downloading the file and turn on the plugin there is no change



Cache memory, I switched on the plug and shut down

This might be past caching your browser memory.

Either way the plugin has been tested with IPS and IS WORKING.

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1 hour ago, 9xx said:

hmm maybe setup error :rofl:

I would hope not. Is there anything else affecting Status Updates on your system, such as other plugins or template modifications?

I am planning on uploading an update today, so you can try that on. in case this issue persists, you are welcome to contact me via pm~

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Since 'edit' doesn't seem to work, I'd just like to announce there has been an update with the settings. I will try and explain everything, but the main addition is the option to allow users the choice of how status updates are displayed for their account.

Status truncate type:

  • Hide - Enables HTML content as well as the 'Read-more' button.
  • Remove - Disables HTML content (i.e only text) as well as the 'Read-more' button.
  • User Choice -  Displays the a setting option with a choice between the above for every user. Also allows a choice of a default setting, for new users or guests.

Status truncate height:

  • Choose the number of lines after-which the status becomes truncated.
  • Select "don't truncate" to allow full status view for any length.
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1 hour ago, Kristina Stokke said:

On my forum you can no longer reply in the pop-up on the front page, when you try to click in the box to reply nothing happens.

Well that shouldn't happen, of course! Would you mind contacting me via pm with the necessary info?

I ran some tests and noticed that sometimes the focus on the dummy editor doesn't seem to work, so it doesn't even attempt to load the editor. I'm uploading an update which should force the editor open, in case it fails to do so on its own. Try and see if it solves your issue as well.

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1 hour ago, bcro said:

Hi there.

I use

And each time I enable the plugin, the Status Bar disappears!

and when I try to open the block it says:



Help, I just purchased for this item...

I'm still at 4.1.5 which worked last I checked. I will update my dev system today, then I should be able to assist :)

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