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Make better use of reputation / like information

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I've just mentioned this twice in other topics with reference to the activity streams and search functions, but I'm sticking it up separately as I really do think it's important. 

The use of the reputation system in content discovery seems to be zero. Here we are, our members telling us 'this is a good post' - and we don't seem to be able to use that info. Right off the top of my head here are some ways we could be using that information:

1) Show me posts with 10 or more likes - instantly you're getting a 'best of the board' feed
2) Search for posts in topics with '4.1 upgrade failed', rank by likes - you get solutions or explanations of the problem
3) Show me posts by users with over 1,000 likes - find out what our most valuable users are saying
4) Blocks of most popular posts over the last 7/28/365 days - showcase to new members of our  best content; stuff to highlight in the newsletter
5) Show me my highest rated posts - the ultimate ego-search. What do people love most about you?
6) People who liked this post also liked...
7) Loads of others, I bet

I find it remarkable that the time was taken to let us filter by number of replies or views, but not by how GOOD something has been judged to be. Major missed opportunity, IMHO. 

Now, it is traditional at this point for someone to point out that actually all of these things are possible, I just haven't noticed how. Do go ahead...

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More ideas:

Allow users to only get notifications for content that gets x likes. 

Filter Activity Streams by likes. 

Neej, I used to have one in 3.5, haven't rewritten it yet. 

The Leaderboard is a step in the right direction, but there's way more that could be done. This shouldn't be a separate section, it should be integrated into other functions as much as possible. 

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Posted (edited)

I was going to post a new topic about this, but figured I'd bump this. Here's what I wrote:


I just need to register disappointment that 4.4 hasn't boosted filter options for topic and post feed blocks. Here's a long list of reasons why

1) Let us filter by number of likes / reactions. Bang, an instant 'best content of the week' block. 

The end. There's a popular contributors block. There's a 'popular now' block which won't highlight *post* content (how does that calculate popularity, btw?). There's popular content under the leaderboard page, but who checks that regularly?

As far as I can see, there's no way to automatically surface popular post / comment level content. That's surely a huge oversight. Our members, clicking reaction buttons, spend all day telling us what they like, or what's funny, or what's annoying. And that information remains buried. 

Genuinely disappointed in the lack of engagement on this. If it's a dumb idea that has been rightfully ignored for 3.5 years, say so and I'll be quiet about it. If I've missed some new option in 4.4, I'll put my hands up and apologise. 

Edit: AND imagine how powerful this would be with social media promotion. Automatically (or automatically queue for admin approval) post to Twitter any post that gets X likes. The site would run itself!

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