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Another brilliant suggestion


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You have a notice that pop down on the frontend when a new update is available that can be dismissed using a cookie. I like this, it's great, I'm on here daily so will know when an update is out but for those that aren't or don't visit the admin panel often, I can see being really handy.

My brilliant suggestion would be to open this functionality up for us all to display our own notices set in the admin or mod control panel, it could be used to display all kinds of messages for example we have just upgraded and it's essential you clear your cache before using the forum as the editor will not be functioning correctly. Or even we are performing an essential update on X date, the forums will be offline during this period.

Europeans running Adsense could also make use for it saving us having to call on more external Javascript to display a certain message keeping Mr Google happy (nudge nudge wink wink).

Like I say, it's a brilliant suggestion, one of my best so far.

You could say but you have announcements they are essentially the same thing, not really, this would be more noticeable (excuse the pun), announcements can kind of blend in to the rest of the board quite easily. 



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