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Browser notification confusion


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What exactly is a browser notification and what does it look like?

I have them off:


But I still get the sound, the pause icon in the tab, and the black notification pop-up at the bottom. Are those all site notifications and not browser?

I know the sound is a setting but I shouldn't have to turn it off if browser notifications are off, so confused. Thanks


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Turn them on and you'll see the difference - the items you mentioned are all generated and displayed in the tab that the site displays in. A browser notification will show up in the browser when you are not actively viewing the site - enable them temporarily and then when someone replies to a topic you are following then you will see what it is.

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Just now, chilihead said:

I did enable to test thanks. I'll check it out. But the sound, that should not be happening with them off, I think that part would be a bug no? Thanks

Play a sound when I receive a browser notification (it is check but browser notifications were off)

Nope, it's a sound that will be there for both site and browser notifications. What is that "Play a sound when I receive a browser notification" - is it a setting in your profile or in your browser? If you think that's a bug then go ahead and log a bug in the tracker.

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