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Members getting banned without a reason in IPB4 - Its only on my forum ? Help!


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Since the 4.x update, I'm receiving a increasing number of complaints about members getting banned without a reason, and apparently it's not because a wrong action from moderators.

Even investigating the last posts of these members, there's no reason at all for the bans.

Could IPB4 be doing this because a flawed spam detection or other stuff like that ?

Anyone noticing the same complaints ?



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Yea, that does sound weird.  I would check and make sure you don't have one of your usergroups with the ability to "flag as spammer" because if you do someone might be doing it without your knowledge.  If you have that set that will appear when they visit the profile of the member.  The logs should show you what happened.  

I don't have a 4.1 version installed at the moment or I would take a look.

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