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CSS for active menu item?


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13 minutes ago, Paul.F said:

I use the inspect element to find what the css is then add it to the custom.css. I am using chrome. refox has the same, and if you install firebug with firefox you get more.

and so do I. I might be a bit of an amateur, but I don't have trouble altering the CSS for other elements.

Have you actually tried altering the CSS for the active tab within custom.css? Have a go, and let me now you get on ... and if it works, please do pass on exactly what you did, because I can't find how to alter anything of the active tab.

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37 minutes ago, Paul.F said:

If you visit my site you will see the red underline for the active tab.

.ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li.ipsNavBar_active > a

That did it for me, assuming that's what you meant.

You beauty, thank you. :)

I was trying to address (just) .ipsNavBar_active (both with and without the li and a bits) and not succeeding - my amateur status shining thru.

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