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Adriano Faria

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12 minutes ago, Janyour said:

Awesome plugin, just purchased and installed !

the flags are visible in all sections of the forum but not in the Discovery page, its normal ?

Thank you.

By discovery page, you mean this https://community.invisionpower.com/discover/ ?

If so, that's right. Right now the flags appears only where have links to the user profile. That page does not has links to user profile. But I'll take a look for a further version.

8 hours ago, Stefan Johansson_72643 said:

When is tomorrow ;) ?

Oops, forgot this. Very soon. :thumbsup:

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Hopefully there would be some update in the near future, there are many ideas here in the topic ^_^ 

And here you are my idea which would be great to have with your nice plugin:


If it's not possible to add flags to the widgets "Who is/was online?", so how about adding a new widget, showing the total number of users, visited the forum today, separated by flags? ^_^ (like shown on my picture under line "Show detailed by:"). Would be good to see this kind of stats.:thumbsup:

A big thank to your plugin anyway, it's my favorite one!

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1 minute ago, Anna Tyrie said:

I followed the Install plugin instructions. However it isn't working on my site.  I removed and reinstalled it but still no luck.  Please advise. 

Have you read this?



  • New members: new members will have their country detected when they register the account
  • Existing members: Just log out and log in to update the country. Or, if allowed by the admin, go to Account Settings and pick your country.


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I just purchased this and it works as intended.  However, there is no option public side or elsewhere for members to change the flag.  The instructions say they can under Account Settings if the admin allows it.  I have the option set to allow all groups to make changes but no group can. Help?

Edit: I found a work around.  It doesn't display the option with my theme, so users will have to revert to the default theme to make changes and then switch back.

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