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9 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Check out in settings which API you’re using. Switch to the IPS api. Even if it’s the new one, the list of countries comes from a IPS file and there is no “zz” country code there.

Send a message with board URL and ACP account. I’ll take a look at this tomorrow. 

Need to get a user ZZ IP address and see what the API is returning. 

Just switched to IPS Geolocation. I’m guessing the ZZ users will have to visit the site for the country to update. 

The IPs of these guys are just normal US locations resolved when I look them up in AdminCP

I have a few pages of people in ZZ

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Probably since the most recent update (1.4.0) new users stopped have flags next to them, additionaly some old users lost their flags. When I run the tool to add flags to all users, it sometimes adds missing flags, and sometimes it doesn't for some users. Is there a bug? I've tried both detection methods, and using IPS one currently, I see no difference, both options give me the same results.

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Nothing has changed regarding new members. It is working as always did. The new API seems to be "offline" now; it isn't returning any data via this resource, although it is directly via their site.

The only way to old users lose their flags is by enabling the Core setting Remove IP addresses after. Without an IP address, there's nothing to do.

Will have to look closer. In the meantime, use the IPS API.

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I just tried option to "Adding country flag to existing members without countries" and it's acting strange. It's stuck on about 25% and even caused my AdminCP to throw a Gateway time out via CloudFlare (front end of site still worked perfect). 

Server is sitting near idle when I look at TOP. 

Clicking the manually run task in AdminCP gives me this spinning circle forever. 


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3 minutes ago, beats23 said:

I liked this feature for flags to work when IPS subscriptions expire. Why was it removed?

The only removal is a new API that didn't work as expected. This resource now works as always did:

  • if you have an active license, flags will be picked when members browse your board or create a new account
  • If you DO NOT have an active license, flags WILL NOT be picked when members browse your board or create a new account BUT flags will keep showing up for those who had it picked previously or chose manually in Account Settings.

That doesn't change and won't change.

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Thank you so much for being a client!

The Invision Community Marketplace is closing on October 30, 2023, so I am moving all of my files over to my personal site www.sosinvision.com.br.

You will find information on my website www.sosinvision.com.br:

Bookmark https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ and the new Marketplace Directory www.Invisioneer.org.  

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