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Importing big database

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I had to import a big database. I ususally use SQLDumpSplitter.
But with this solution, I have to import all files one after one into the new database.

When I do that on local, I put the upload limit to 256mo. But on my live server, I don't want to increase this limit (now it is 2mo)

Do you know some php script which can do that : 

- First I upload on serveur the .sql file
- I give the db name, login and password to the script and it splits the file and updload by itself all splitted file to the database.

Thank you !

(sorry for my bad english)


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1 hour ago, Afternova said:

Always use ssh if you have ssh access .. it's super easy, just try.

Not necessary. For people who may not be overly tech savy you may find they will have problems importing a large database using ssh, mysql timeouts. Using a script that is safe gets around this by doing the import in blocks.

I would recommend people only use SSH if they are comfortable in doing so, doing the wrong thing in there can kill your site.

And ALWAYS make a backup before doing anything that could damage the site, always.

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