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4.1 Menu - Double Click Required to Change Pages / Apps


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Just gave 4.1.2 a quick test run, some great new and long-awaited features for sure that are really exciting, but at a bit of an impasse on the new menu system.

While the interface for creating the menu is great, from what I'm seeing, if you have even just one menu item that has a drop down menu or a child, all menu items, whether they have a drop down or not, now require a double click to work. The first click oddly highlights the tab, but it takes a second click to actually change the page or app. If all drop downs / children are removed, then the menu works like one would expect. (Single click navigation) As a secondary note, a drop down partially hides the same item in the secondary menu behind it.

It doesn't seem very intuitive - unfortunately it looks like we'll either have to hold off or determine a way to arrange our content that uses no drop downs at all. (Another issue - complicated presentation with way too many tabs)

Anyone else feel this way in regards to the 2-click navigation factor? I would really hope there's a way to navigate with just a click in the future or that I'm missing, especially if that menu item doesn't have a drop down or child.

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This new menu lets me the impression of a 13 wheels car. It's impressive, but what for ? If I want a custom link to the rules, or the number of visitors, I simply add it myself, I do not need something "flashy lightpeps yo".

The last custom menu (3.4) was just fine. I don't see anything useful in this new one.

Now if I want a drop down menu, I create it with 10 links for instance and next If I want to insert one in alphabetic order, I have to delete anything because i can't reorder them (or it's a bug on my browser).

Well... You know, a simple four wheels vehicule that works fine is better than a UFO out of gas.



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I have just been testing the menu manager, and found like others that when a second level menu is created, that all top level menus then need a double click and the only way around it is to not use second level menus. This makes the menu manager not very useful at all.

On top of that I've found that publishing a menu is buggy, and doesnt always seem to work reliably.

On 07/11/2015, 20:29:43, Jim M said:

This is due to being on a touch screen enabled computer. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a solution for it.

Is a solution being found?

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First: the 2-click behavior is not the default. I never ever see it on any of my devices. The default desktop menu reveals the sub-menu on hover and any item in any menu can be reached with one click. The 2 clicks are only used on large touch-enabled devices, since you can’t create a proper hover action with your finger. 
Second: What do you guys propose how it should work? 

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