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Preload the profanity filter

David K

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It might be a good idea to pre-populate the profanity filter with some common words, or else make it easier to find a list. I've spent at least 20 minutes searching and wandering through the documentation / support / marketplace trying to find a list to import, and I can't find anything.

 - David

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There used to be a list to import but it was for the earlier series, something tells me you might of needed an addon to import it (I think I'm wrong here) although the problem with providing a 'built in list' is:

1. Some clients may be offended to find said words built in (yes really)

2. Clients who use a non-English language are going to have to add / amend / remove them anyway.

I can see the value in having a third party 'common list' import though in the Marketplace though.

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