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Preview button or make the editor support to paste multiple image links


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On my site many post large content with 100-500 images. After upgrading from 3.4 its much more difficult to paste many images since the editor does not have a preview button or support to paste multiple image links at once from example photobucket that most uses.
You have to post on link and then enter for it to show as a image. Its much easier to post the links to all images and then look at the images where to add the text. But since the editor does not support this and no preview button its not possible.

Many members don't post large show and shine posts any more on my car detailing site because of this issue.

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@Rikki or someone else in IPS staff. Please check this.

My community is not happy about this issue and a car detailing site where some of the most important members don't want to posts "show and shine" content anymore because of this issue will not live long. Worst case if this is not fixed or makes a addon that fix this, I have to change my forum software to something else after being a happy customer for many years. 

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