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Feature to disable account when email is invalid


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unfortunately IPS doesn't have a feature to disable an account when its email address is invalid (possibility to switch back to "validating"). We have around 100k members. So we do get bump backs daily.

We would need a feature to disable an account to force the people keeping their emails up-to-date.

Otherwise every forum owner could get black listed.

Please bring that kind of feature. It's a must have (from my point of view). And no, I don't want to use an external service like Mandrill.

It could be so easy. Just having the possibility to set an account back to "validating". All email features of this account would be deactivated.

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From my point of view it should be a standard ipb feature to disable accounts temporarely.

I come from vb and there it was no problem to set a user to validating again. So the user had to enter a valid email.

This topic is just a "want to have" for the future. ;)

And of course I don't want to send data to an external provider. ;) This is not compliant with european privacy rules.

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