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Create New Forums, Support Ticket Creation Issues


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Finding after having upgrading to 4.1.1 that I'm unable to create any new categories or discussions. Keep receiving the  EX4096 Something went wrong. Please try again. but now when viewing the forum listing within the ACP, I have multiple sections as if they were created anyway.

I tried to go through support and it went to step 2 no problem, got to the section where it had disable apps and plugins, now I'm receiving this error  2S162/1 You cannot delete your default theme I'm unable to get past this to even send in a ticket and now the site is throwing up a 500 error.

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16 hours ago, RADStudios said:

EX4096 - This is an IPS specific exception - Please create a support ticket and they will be able to assist you there.

2S162/1 - If you do in fact want to remove the default theme, just download a free one from the market place, set it as the default and then you can delete it

4.1.2 seems to have fixed the forum creation issue along with the support problem. I wasn't trying to remove the theme.

I still have issues with the site crashing into a 500 error when trying to go into the all activity stream. Sent in a ticket as I was experiencing the same issue with trying to go into the menu manager as well. Maybe I should just either wait or see if the same problems occur with a fresh install. :|

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