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Sidebar blocks moved to bottom for unknown reason?

Fatal Resort

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For some unknown reason my sideblocks moved to the bottom of my board and they're set to be on the right?

I touched nothing to do with the sidebar blocks, just refreshed the page once and it happened..

To answer some questions you may have:

  • No, it is not just on my end, i've asked other members and they're seeing the same.
  • No, it is not letting me drag anything onto the side now.

Has this happened to anybody else before? If so, do you know how I can go about fixing it? Thanks.


Picture should show what I mean. (Sidebar blocks (topics and posts) on bottom, supposed to be on the right side)


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if you did not do anything and it fixed automatically im sure its the same bug i had with ips3 it only happens when recent posts or post feed sidebar shows some kind of links or some auto topics from feeds we use

and sidebar goes back normal after the recent posts doesnt show the topic which contains the sHt i dont know xD

i have already reported a similar bug its kinda same when post feed sidebar shows a long image link 


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